JELD-WEN is committed to excellent customer service. These are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about our product. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact your local Menards or JELD-WEN customer service.

If I have an issue with my JELD-WEN product that I believe is covered by the product warranty, how do I submit a Warranty Service Request claim?

Call Customer Service at 888-594-3578 or complete the Warranty Service Request form.

How do I clean my windows?

Consult our Window Care & Cleaning page to find easy recipes that will keep your windows clean and streak-free, using only non-toxic household ingredients.

Where can I find standard sizing documents?

Two places. The first is the Sizing Documents page where you will find sizing documents organized by product category. The second is the Document Center where you can search for all documents, including sizing documents, by using filters specific to product line, product type and material.

How do I clean or remove a sash from my window?

JELD-WEN has a library of detailed care & maintenance product guides specific to the product line, product type, and material of your window. Product guides provide troubleshooting assistance as well as instruction for component replacement, such as hardware and weatherstripping.

How do I find pricing for JELD-WEN products?

JELD-WEN sells through various independent and national retailers. Visit Find A Menards or select “Shop At Menards” under an individual product description to determine exact pricing.

Can I buy products directly from JELD-WEN?

JELD-WEN is a manufacturer of doors and windows that sells only through various independent and national retailers, such as Menards. Your local Menards will assist you with finding the right JELD-WEN products for you home or construction project.

What are the interior and exterior color options on your windows?

Color options are found below each product description. Look for the “Exterior Color” and/or “Interior Finish” swatches to view your options. Downloading the Buyer’s Guide for your chosen product may also be helpful.

Can I paint my vinyl or clad-wood window?

JELD-WEN does not recommend painting vinyl or clad-wood windows and patio doors. Many exterior color options are available to meet most requests and your local Menards representative can help you with choosing the right custom colors for your project. Please note that damage to the window as a result of painting vinyl or clad-wood products may not be covered by your JELD-WEN warranty.

Does JELD-WEN manufacture a fiberglass window?

JELD-WEN manufactures windows in various shapes, sizes, and materials including: Wood, Clad-Wood, and Vinyl. At this time, our windows are not available in fiberglass.

Can I get grids between the glass in all window lines?

The JELD-WEN Premium Vinyl and W-5500 windows are available with an architectural grille between the panes. Please contact your local Menards to find out more about customizing your windows.

How do I store & handle my windows?

If the products must be stored before installation,

  • Store indoors in a dry, well-ventilated area off of the floor, and out of exposure to direct sunlight. Do not remove factory packaging.
  • Do not stack windows and patio doors horizontally, store vertically.
  • Allow sufficient space between products for ventilation.
  • Lift and carry the products to move, do not drag across one another.

Why do my windows have condensation?

Condensation occurs when excess humidity in the air releases onto cool surfaces. The glass in window and patio doors usually provides a visible, cooler surface that shows the first signs of condensation.

How do I install my windows?

JELD-WEN has manufacturer recommended installation practices for vinyl windows with nailing flange, vinyl windows without nailing flange, wood windows with nailing flange, and wood windows without nailing flange.